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Sharing the Thrill of Scientific Discovery Since 2013

The TSoG Lab Returns in 2023


Offering a year-round opportunity for particularly motivated high school students to pursue advanced studies in science and engineering. This world-class program is designed to provide a broad foundation of practical, analytical, and problem-solving skills that span the breadth of technical disciplines.


Providing project management experience working and communicating in a professional laboratory environment. We are here to help the next generation of engineers develop the motivation and work habits necessary to achieve success at the university level and beyond.


Educational community outreach is the foundation of TSoG. We invite students of all ages to work on age-appropriate engineering projects that have clear educational objectives. All our hands-on community outreach activities have been thoroughly tested with PhD-level oversight for accuracy, safety, and academic rigor.

Looking at the View


TSoG was founded in 2013 with a vision that world-class science education should be available to all students of all ages. Since 2015, The Shoulders of Giants has offered immersive, ongoing mentorship programs for dedicated students who would like the opportunity to study more closely under the guidance of Dr. Steven J. Foland.

MISSION: To share the thrill of scientific Discovery

VISION: To strengthen communities by providing future leaders with a firm foundation in mathematics, science, and engineering.


Two of the many things I appreciate about TSoG are it’s creativity and flexibility. Regarding creativity, I love how cutting-edge the program is and the variety of formats students can use to learn the lesson material, from digital lectures to in-person experiments. Regarding flexibility, I believe this program is truly for anyone, from the curious investigator to the dedicated academic. During my time in the program, I valued the time Dr. Foland spent investing in me as well as the relationships I made and unique projects I was able to work on.

Jennifer Pearson

Neonatal ICU Nurse, Northport Alabama

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