• One of Shoulders of Giants' flagship summer programs, SEADD (Summer Experience in Antibiotic Discovery and Development) was featured in several articles published around the web!

    Dallas Innovates had this to say about the program: 

  • Fifteen-year-old Celeste Wang and 16-year-old Victoria Taylor aren’t afraid of a little competition from their fellow male classmates, especially when it comes to subjects like math and science.

    “I actually like that more, the competitive nature,” Wang said. “I’m like, ‘bring it on!’ and if someone discourages me, I want to prove them wrong.”

    “We can be just as smart as you guys,” Taylor chimed in.

    Wang and Taylor are just a few of the young women who participated in the first ever Summer Experience in Antibiotic Discovery and Development program (SEADD) offered by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. The camp, which wrapped up last week, aimed to expose girls to the pharmaceutical industry and further their confidence in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. “Building that confidence in STEM subjects and STEM-related subjects is very important,”said Audrey Kwik, GSNETX director of STEM education. “In addition to that, [we are] showing the girls the huge range of careers that are available to them that they might not even consider.”
  • You can read the full article here. SEADD also received coverage in The Dallas Morning News.

    We're very proud of Ms. Dark and her team of volunteers for putting together such a stellar program this summer. Check back soon for details on SEADD 2018!

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