• 3D Printers and Supplies

  • Form 1+ Stereolithography Printer

    SLA High Resolution 3D Printer with all the accessories, Original price was $3400. 

    Price: $1750.00

  • Flashforge FDM 3D Printer

    Purchased in 2015, these are reliable printers that have dual nozzles, print many different materials, and have been great workhorses for TSoG Programs and prototyping. 

    Price: $350 - (2 in stock)

  • Assorted 3D Printer Filament

    We have four bins of filament with an incredible variety of colors in stock. Mostly 1.75MM PLA, but we have ABS and other filament types too. Hatchbox is our primary brand, but take your pick among the selection. 

    Prices are based on how much filament is left on a spool.  

    Pricing: Between $1.50-$9.00/spool