• About Us

  • In 1676, Isaac Newton, one of the most influential mathematicians and scientists of all time, famously wrote:

  • "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
    - Isaac Newton
  • This humble take on his illustrious career reminds us that we owe our scientific achievements to those who came before us.

    The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. (TSoG) is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization founded in 2013 on a vision that world-class science education should be available to all students of all ages. Through innovative flagship summer programs and ongoing educational outreach, TSoG has provided opportunities for thousands of students across north Texas to experience science first-hand and broaden their horizons through the guidance of faculty and volunteers from the scientific and engineering communities.

    Since 2015, The Shoulders of Giants has offered an immersive, ongoing Mentorship Program for dedicated students who would like the opportunity to study more closely under the guidance of our faculty in The Shoulders of Giants' Laboratory. This year-round program is designed to provide middle and high school students with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills across science and engineering disciplines. This program also provides students with experience working and communicating in a professional laboratory environment and helps them develop the study habits necessary to achieve success at the university level and beyond.

  • The TSoG Laboratory opened its doors in summer of 2013; this facility consists of nearly 4,000 square feet of laboratory workspace including electronics test benches, a BSL 1 biochemistry lab, CAD workstations, and fabrication capabilities including 3D printers and a well-equipped machine shop. In this facility, faculty, volunteers, and students work side-by-side engaged in research that keeps us at the cutting-edge of science and engineering education.