About this Project: Building Better Batteries

In this project, students will assemble a battery of their own design that will aim to reach certain performance metrics while also avoiding hazardous concerns for users and the environment.

Team Leadership

Saeed Saeed - Technical Mentor

Saeed is a PhD Candidate completing his degree in Materials Science at North Carolina State University. He has been volunteering with TSoG since 2020 and is dedicated to helping students learn about battery technology. 

Margo Feuer - Technical Mentor

Margo is a chemist from Yale who is working toward her PhD, and she’s been a TSoG volunteer since 2020. She is passionate about teaching students about green energy and electrochemistry. 

Trevor Exley - Team Mentor

Trevor works to keep students in the know of what’s happening with this project, and help with administration and logistics behind the scenes. He is working through his PhD focused in biomedical engineering. 

Join This Project

For more specific information about this project, email Saeed Saeed – ssaeed@tsogiants.org or Margo Feuer – mfeuer@tsogiants.org

For volunteering questions, email Kareena Chawla at kchawla@tsogiants.org