• Chemistry/Biology Items

  • Heidolph Laborota 4000 Rotary Evaporator with HB Digital Bath

    Refurbished and in excellent condition. Some components have been modified to make the unit more durable, such as lids, handles, and connectors. They were designed and 3D printed, and if an email address is provided at purchase, we will send over the CAD files for possible reprinting if necessary. The parts add to the machine's durability and ease of use.

     $1850.00 OBO

  • AquaGuard Eye Wash Station

    Includes the unit, associated hardware for hanging on the wall, and signage to hang nearby.  


  • Brady SPC Universal Economy Portable Spill Kit, Bag

    For cleaning up chemistry spills. 


  • Chemistry Lab Glassware

    Glassware comes in many sizes, shapes, and configurations. All glassware is appropriate for heating on hotplates and come from a variety of companies such as Chemglass, Carolina, and Sigma Aldrich. 

    A - 1000 ML Pyrex Beaker - $10.00
    B - 500 ML Pyrex Beaker - $5.00
    C - 200ML Pyrex Beaker - $2.50
    D - 100ML Pyrex Beaker - $1.50
    E - 50ML Pyrex Beaker - $1.00
    F - 250ML Erlenmeyer Flask - $5.00
    G - 100ML Erlenmeyer Flask - $2.00
    H - 50ML Erlenmeyer Flask - $1.00
    I - 1000ML Erlenmeyer Flask - $10.00
    J - Graduated Cylinders - $3.00/each

  • Emergency Fire Extinguishing Blanket

    When things get out of control working in the lab, the Fire blanket is there to extinguish any small fire. Easy to use with no training required. Simply pull down the tabs, remove the blanket from the hanging pouch and calmly place over the fire to smother the flames.



  • Various Test Tube Holders

    Some are homemade, some are professional grade. Our extensive array of test tube holders can be used for many types and sizes of test tubes.  

    Priced at $2.00 - $5.00 each

  • Mortar and Pestles

    Interested in grinding materials? Want to pretend you're an old school alchemist? These are in great condition.  

    $3.00 / each

  • Petri Dishes

    Polystyrene Petri Dishes 

    Pack of 20 - $8.00

  • Carolina Biological Micropipettes

    Various sizes of Micropipettes. 

    Blue Micropipettes (High Resolution)- $120/Each
    Gray Micropipettes - (Low Resolution) $90/each

    (Bulk Discounts Available)

  • Accuris Digital Scale

    Good working scale. Accurate and dependable. Not pretty to look at, but it works well.  


    Price: $40.00

  • Carolina Biological - Wall Mounted Periodic Table

    Useful for teaching labs, this 8' x 4' Periodic Table is mounted with a nice red frame. 

    Price: $75.00