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Currently, all in-person class opportunities are cancelled (including library outreach).  Until further notice, TSoG Courses are being held virtually.  Check back soon for more open courses. To view a complete list of all courses, included courses offered in the past, click here.

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  • Aristarchus: Just for fun. Assumes no technical background or exposure to math beyond basic arithmetic. Suitable for all ages. 
  • Copernicus: Assumes incoming students have a solid grasp of arithmetic, fractions, and basic measurement skills. May introduce concepts related to algebra, but assumes no prior knowledge. Suitable for most students grades 6 – 8.
  • Kepler: Assumes incoming students have completed at least 2 semesters of algebra. May introduce concepts related to trigonometry and calculus, but assumes no prior knowledge. Suitable for most students grades 9+ but will present a challenge, particularly to younger students.
  • Newton: Our most challenging courses. Generally rely upon either multiple pre-requisite TSoG courses or assume incoming students have had prior exposure to calculus and physics. Suitable only for the most advanced high school students or university students.

With the exception of Aristarchus courses, all TSoG courses have titles of the format:

PREFIX XYZZ – Course Title

PREFIX: A 2-5 character abbreviation indicating the subject matter (MECH for mechanical engineering, EE for electrical engineering, etc.).

X: Indicates the course level.

  • 0 = Copernicus
  • 1 = Kepler
  • 2 or 3 = Kepler (with at least one prerequisite)
  • 4 = Newton

Y: Indicates the course length.

  • 1 = 2-4 week micro course
  • 2 = 8 week short course
  • 3 = 16 week full course

ZZ: Indicates the order in which courses were added within their subject matter. Not important to students.