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  • Shop through our Amazon.com associates link and earn up to 8% for TSoG programs!

    Step 1: Getting Started

    Click here to go directly to Amazon.com using our associates code.

    Step 2: Make it Easy

    Save this link to your browser's bookmarks / favorites toolbar. Since the link contains our Amazon Associates code, you will always be just one click away from supporting TSoG while you shop!

    Step 3: Use it Always

    Every time you shop on Amazon.com, use the link on this page or the shortcut you just created. At no additional cost to you, up to 8% of your purchase price will be paid directly to The Shoulders of Giants.

    Step 4: Tell Your Friends!

    If you know someone who supports science, engineering, and education, let them know that TSoG is an organization you care about. It's an extremely easy way for people to support our cause while making purchases they were already planning to make.