Inside Dev

Beyond open source – it’s open development! Inside Dev is like the big brother of Work in Progress – whereas WiP focuses on relatively straightforward projects with open-ended applications, Inside Dev focuses on challenging, multidisciplinary problems on the critical path. Although anyone is welcome to watch and contribute their questions, commentary, and support, direct collaborators are exclusively Newton students and grads, and all projects are invitation only!

Click on any of the links below for detailed descriptions, videos, and links to our GitHub repositories for the following projects.

Current Projects

Project Hodgkin

Project Hodgkin is an open-source (semi) Arduino Nano compatible microcontroller development board that is developed to IEC 60601 standards for 2xMOPP (methods of patient protection) isolation. It is intended for educational settings to enable students and enthusiasts to safely interface with biopotential amplifier circuits.

More projects coming soon!

Past Projects

This section will be updated as projects are completed!