• Lab Furniture

  • Chemistry Teaching Lab Bench Set

    Instructor Desk - Pine construction, durable, stained in "Worn Navy" blue color, and has epoxy coating for a nice glossy shine. Grommet holes at the base for use with a PC tower. In excellent Condition

    Individually sold - $300

    Chemistry (or General Purpose) Benches - Pine construction, minor defects from use on the epoxy coating, plastic sheeting on the doors for visibility, nice finish out inside with supplemental shelves.  Four benches for sale. 

    Individually sold - $250.00 

    Instrumentation Bench - 8'L x 2'W x 3'H and has extra shelving on the inside for organized storage. Epoxy coating on the top is in excellent condition.  

    Individually sold - $300

    If sold as a part of the Chemistry Lab 6 Piece Set - $1250 for full set of: Four 6' chemistry lab benches, One 8' Instrumentation bench, and one instructor desk.  

  • Brown Shelf

    It has some minor defects and scratches. Could go great in a garage or room that just needs a place to store things. 

    Price: $12.00

  • All-Purpose Stackable Chair

    These chairs are extremely durable. Comfortably padded, and stack nicely. They work great for events and clean up with a spray bottle of water and a cloth.  25-30 chairs available.

    Price: $10.00/each

  • Ikea Kallax Shelf Unit

    Gently used for student storage, the Ikea Kallax shelf unit is easy to disassemble and reassemble anywhere for extra shelf space. Put together with dowel and screws, the units are very versatile and modular. Two shelf units available for purchase and we will absolutely break them down and load them up in almost any vehicle that can put the back seat down. 

    Price: $130.00/each