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eLearning Announcements

Welcome to TSoG eLearning - new classes beginning fall 2021!

by eLearning Administrator -

Dear Students,

Our first course offering of fall 2021, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, begins on Saturday, October 2nd! This course is being offered online only, with videos and activities posted every Saturday and Sunday. Although enrollment for this course is technically closed, we are willing to allow new students into the course through the end of October - please create an eLearning account and message me if you are interested in joining!

Our upcoming courses may be found here. The next course on the schedule is Intro to Electrical Engineering, which begins on January 8th, 2022. This course will be offered both online and in-person at Garland Central Library! Hope you can join us for that one too!

Once you have your eLearning account set up, you can access all of your course materials both here and on-the-go through the free TSoG mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

Of course, taking courses is just part of the TSoG experience - if you're in high school, contact us if you are interested in joining or forming a team at your school!


Dr. Foland