About this Project: Discover Machine Learning

Learn the inner workings of AI and build programs that accurately identify & draw dogs, cats, airplanes — you name it! Also, learn how Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) detect features and then use them to make decisions, and how Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) generate images and transfer styles.

Team Leadership

Aditya Ojha - Technical Mentor

Adi studies electrical and computer engineering at University of Texas at Austin. He has been a TSoG student or volunteer since 2016. 

Jiaojiao Wang - Technical Mentor

Jiaojiao holds a masters’s degree in artificial intelligence and lives in Montreal Canada. She has been volunteering with TSoG since 2021. 

Lan Bui - Team Mentor

A former TSoG student and volunteer, Lan works to keep students in the know of what’s happening with this project, and help with administration and logistics behind the scenes. She is a biomedical engineer who got her start at the SBEE program in 2015 – (Summer Biomedical Engineering Experience)  

Join This Project

For more specific information about this project, email Aditya Ojha – aojha@tsogiants.org or Jiaojiao Wang – jwang@tsogiants.org

For volunteering questions, email Kareena Chawla at kchawla@tsogiants.org