About this Team: Marketing and Design

This team works to pull together promotional materials, graphic design, and advertising campaigns. We utilize Google Ads and Analytics for specific organization promotions. For students who have an entrepreneurial spirit and seek business experience, this team is open for you! 

Team Leadership

Lauren Foland - Director of Development

Managing all the calendars and website content, Lauren coordinates the marketing projects with the classes and student engagement opportunities. 

Jasmine De La Cruz - Video Editor

Jasmine is a video editor who manages the workflows for team meetings, courses, and media files. 

Chantz Anderson - Marketing Project Manager and SEO Specialist

Chantz works in the marketing field in New York City, but dedicates volunteer hours to managing SEO strategies and advertising campaigns for TSoG.  

Ananya Iyer - Social Media Coordinator

Ananya helps with content creation and strategy, while contributing to projects as a student. Glad to have her on the team! 

Join This Team

For more specific information about this project, email Lauren Foland – lauren@tsogiants.org

For volunteering questions, email Kareena Chawla at kchawla@tsogiants.org