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High School Mentorship Program

This year-round opportunity is designed for particularly motivated students to pursue advanced studies in science and engineering. This world-class program is designed to provide students with a broad foundation of practical, analytical, and problem-solving skills that span the breadth of technical disciplines.

TSoG provides students with experience working and communicating in a professional laboratory environment and helps them to develop the motivation and study habits necessary to achieve success at the university level and beyond. Student enrollment is limited. Lab is expected to open to students Fall 2023



Enrolling for Fall 2023



Submit your Application

We begin with an application form that helps us ensure every student is a good fit for the Mentorship program. Our financial aid application may also be submitted. (it may also be completed later). 

Application Portal Opens 4/4/23


Set up Monthly Tuition

Upon student approval, parents may set up their student's membership via the account portal. Monthly tuition is set when the student enrolls and will not increase during their tenure. 


Begin the Journey!

Your student will set up an eLearning profile and have access to register for courses, special events, and projects. All activities and lab schedules can be managed within eLearning!

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