• Mentorship Team

  • Be a part of the most elite team in STEM!

    Our Mentorship Team works directly with Mentor Dr. Steven J. Foland at the TSoG Dallas Lab to transform themselves (and others) into the best citizens of the scientific community they can be. In addition to honing their technical prowess, the Mentorship Team takes part in educational outreach in the community, helping us share the thrill of scientific discovery as they practice their communication and teaching skills!

    All students in or entering the 9th-12th grade are eligible to apply. If you think you have what it takes to contribute to this Team, read on to learn more about this program!

  • Program Curriculum

    Students joining the Mentorship Team begin with the Kepler Curriculum, a collection of core courses spanning a variety of technical disciplines hand-selected from the Mentor's area of focus. Dr. Foland's Kepler Curriculum is outlined below:

  • Program Educational Objectives

    All Mentorship students are expected to develop technical expertise, practical skills, and communication strategies which will serve them well in both academic and professional settings. In addition to this, Mentorship Team members are expected to develop a sense of personal responsibility to be good citizens of the scientific community.

    Learning-by-teaching is a core tenant of the Mentorship Team; not only is teaching one of the most effective ways to solidify newly learned materials, it is one of the most direct ways to use your own education to give back to the community!

    Students who have earned at least 5 Kepler-level credits with exemplary performance may be invited to complete a Newton Capstone Project at the discretion of their Mentor. Newton-level Team members work to achieve excellence in their personal and professional growth as they hone their independent research skills and serve as ambassadors of the Mentorship Team.

  • Program Schedule and Tuition

    One course is offered per semester, and consists of two Saturdays of hands-on, in-lab instruction per month, one Saturday of community outreach per month, and open laboratory access on all other Saturdays. Course assessments are scheduled at the end of each semester to allow students to earn credit for Kepler course completion. For a better understanding of the Mentorship Team schedule, we encourage you to check out our Mentorship Calendar.

    Tuition for enrollment as a member of the Mentorship Team is $275 / month. Financial aid opportunities are available.

  • How to Enroll

    Enrollment for the Kepler Program is open at the beginning of each academic year or as seats become available. Students must complete the application in the online portal to be considered for enrollment, and space is limited to twenty seats. Virtual Mentorship students will be notified first if any seat opens up. If you would like to receive notifications regarding enrollment opportunities, please contact us!