• Mentorship

  • The Shoulders of Giants is proud to offer a world-class science and engineering Mentorship Program designed to provide students with a broad foundation of practical, analytical, and problem-solving skills that span the breadth of technical disciplines. This program also provides students with experience working and communicating in a professional laboratory environment, and helps them to develop the motivation and study habits necessary to achieve success at the university level and beyond.

    The Mentorship model and curriculum was developed under the guidance of Dr. Steven J. Foland, former director of the biomedical engineering undergraduate program at UT Dallas. Based on his extensive experience as an educator at all levels, this program is tailored to provide an exceptional framework of support for exceptionally motivated students.

    There are currently two ways to enroll in Mentorship at TSoG:

    The Mentorship Team (9th-12th grade) - A dedicated group of high school students working in-house at the TSoG Dallas Lab, as well as participating in educational outreach in the community. Space is very limited!

    Virtual Mentorship (7th-12th grade) - A cutting-edge solution for students who would like to participate in TSoG Mentorship from home! The same great curriculum, performed alongside the Mentorship Team on either a computer monitor or virtual-reality headset. Live-streaming and course certification options are available.

  • Program Schedule

    The Mentorship Program runs throughout the academic year (September ~ May). Classes are offered three Saturdays a month, with morning and afternoon sessions available. Virtual Mentorship students may participate in live streaming sessions (Full option) or view the previously recorded streams at a later date (both Full and Lite options). Course assessments take place at the end of each semester for both Mentorship Team members and Full Virtual Mentorship students.

  • Enrollment Options

    Students may enroll in Virtual Mentorship at any time. Application for the Mentorship Team is open at the beginning of the academic year. Students must complete the application in the online portal to be considered for enrollment, and space is limited to twenty seats. Virtual Mentorship students will be notified first if any seat opens up.

    If you are ready to enroll or apply, please visit our registration portal.