About this Project: Magnificent Mini Motors

Learn about the basics of electromagnetism and mechanical design to design a motor that can drive a car, turn a fan, or some other application.

Team Leadership

Grace Zhang - Technical Mentor

Grace studies electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University. She has been a TSoG student since 2015, and completed the Mentorship Program during her tenure. She also has volunteered for the SBEE programs and served as a lead instructor.  

Osvaldo Cardona - Technical Mentor

Osvaldo is a quality control engineer who has a passion for helping students learn about mechanical engineering and CAD. He has been volunteering with TSoG since 2021. 

Sandra Younis - Team Mentor

Sandra works to keep students in the know of what’s happening with this project, and help with administration and logistics behind the scenes. She is a mechanical engineer from Toronto.  

Join This Project

For more specific information about this project, email Grace Zhang – gzhang@tsogiants.org or Osvaldo Cardona – ocardona@tsogiants.org

For volunteering questions, email Kareena Chawla at kchawla@tsogiants.org