• Miscellaneous / General Items

  • TSoG Engineer Designed Gantry Mill

    Back in 2013, a group of talented TSoG engineers designed and built a CNC Gantry Mill in our machine shop. Works amazingly well, has a computer built in with associated software, 15" monitor, and vacuum design underneath.   

  • 75 Gallon Fish Tank

    Includes lights, and Fluval Pump, and any other fishtank accessories.  

    Price: $300 for the tank /

    $450 for Pump and Tank Together

  • Microwave

    Dependable Microwave

    Price: $40.00

  • Artificial Apple Tree

    It's been in the corner of the conference room for years. Has a few apples on there, but they can be removed so it's just a tree!


  • Sterlite Plastic Shelves

    Two in stock, great for garages and storage closets. 

    Price: $15.00/each