• Virtual Mentorship

  • A virtual lab so real, it's just like being there!

    Join Mentor Dr. Steven J. Foland and the Mentorship Team at the TSoG Dallas Lab from the comfort of home! Thanks to a state-of-the-art virtual-reality recording system, you can have a front-row seat to all lecture and hands-on activities taking place at the TSoG lab from anywhere in the world! Students joining us virtually can interact directly with Dr. Foland and Team members via a live-streaming interface, can complete many hands-on activities from home, and can even receive course credit via optional end-of-semester assessment sessions.

    All students in or entering the 6th-12th grade are eligible to enroll. Read on to find out more about this exciting opportunity!

  • Program Curriculum

    Virtual Mentorship students will find themselves alongside the Mentorship Team studying the Kepler Curriculum, a collection of core courses spanning a variety of technical disciplines hand-selected from the Mentor's area of focus. Dr. Foland's Kepler Curriculum is outlined below:

  • Program Educational Objectives

    All Mentorship students are expected to develop technical expertise, practical skills, and communication strategies which will serve them well in both academic and professional settings. 

    Virtual Mentorship students at all levels have access to the same lectures and curriculum content as our in-class students. The immersive, 360° video feed available to our students is just like being in the lab! Virtual Mentorship students at the Full membership level have the opportunity to interact with every class during our live streams, as well as the opportunity to receive course credit at special end-of-semester assessment sessions.

  • Program Schedule and Tuition

    One course is offered per semester, and consists of two Saturdays of in-lab instruction per month and one Saturday of community outreach per month. All in-class videos (whether live or previously recorded) are presented as immersive, 360° virtual reality experiences that can be enjoyed on a computer monitor or VR headset. Online access to this and all other curriculum content varies by membership level, as summarized below.

    Full Membership

    • $75 / month tuition (September - May). 6th-12th grade only, space is limited.
    • 360° live stream of in-lab class sessions (6 hours per month).
    • Access to all previously-recorded class sessions released within 24 hours of initial recording (~9 hours per month of content).
    • Full eLearning access to all project files, slide presentations, and other relevant course materials.
    • Slack single-channel guest access for after-class Q&A with students and instructors.
    • Optional TSoG certified end-of-semester course completion assessment.
    • Invitation to select TSoG special events.
  • How to Enroll

    Enrollment in the Virtual Mentorship program is available at any time throughout the academic year. Students must complete the enrollment form the online portal, and must meet the grade-level requirements (6th-12th grade) to be eligible for Full membership.