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Active Projects

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Projects by Field

In the grid below, each hexagon represents a STEM discipline that falls within TSoG's areas of interest.

Tap on a hexagon to view the name of that field. Tap twice to view all of our active / upcoming projects in that field.
Click on any of the hexagons below to view all of our currently active / upcoming projects in that field.

Jump to List of Active / Upcoming Projects


Sponsored Projects

Community Projects

Currently Inactive

Aerospace Engineering|Aerospace Engineering
Art and Technology|Art and Technology
Artificial Intelligence|Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
Biomedical Engineering|Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering|Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering|Civil Engineering
Computer Science|Computer Science / Software Engineering
Electrical Engineering|Electrical Engineering
Engineering - Other|Engineering (Other)
Environmental Engineering|Environmental Engineering
Material Science|Material Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering|Mechanical Engineering
Medical Biology|Medical Biology
Natural Science - Other|Natural Science (Other)
Optical Engineering|Optical Engineering
Physics - Electromagnetics|Physics (Electromagnetics and Optics)
Physics - Mechanics|Physics (Solid and Fluid Mechanics)
Robotics and Automation|Robotics and Automation
Web Development|Web Development / Internet of Things

Medical Biology
Art and Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Medical Biology
Web Development
Material Science
Robotics and Automation
Engineering - Other
Aerospace Engineering

Active Projects

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming projects are likely to be still seeking collaborators! If you see a project that interests you, please message the project leader(s) in the #upcoming-projects channel on the TSoG Discord!