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Meet the Team

From The Shoulders of Giants
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"My go-to icebreaker question when I meet other scientists or engineers is simple: ‘What inspired you to pursue your field?’ Their answers, nearly invariably, have one element in common: a parent, grandparent, or someone else close to them worked in a related field. It’s no wonder – the people close to us inspire us, support us, and provide us with access to resources that will help us in our pursuits. But what is supposed to happen to all those bright students out there who lack that personal connection? It is my mission to do whatever I can to provide that same kind of inspiration, support, and access for any student who wishes to seek it out."

—  Dr. Foland


Lauren Foland

Senior Director

"In my early experiences, there were few but precious moments where I had a sudden realization that I really could do something amazing. It always started with someone saying 'you've got this' or 'give it a shot.' From becoming a crane operator in the Navy to that moment in college where I mistakenly signed up for the more advanced Calculus class (for engineers), there happened to be a friend close by who listened to my moans of frustration and had the courage to say 'Lauren, you’ve got this.' TSoG is a place where these kind of cheerleaders are in abundance, and I believe in my heart that this kind of encouragement and empowerment will not just make the world a better place, but give any person within earshot a feeling that they can really do anything if they try."

—  Mrs. Foland


Eyad Alrabbat


"I've had the privilege to tutor many students over the years. Each time I sit with a student, I'm reminded of all the ones out there who wouldn't be able to afford this session. There are students out there with a passion for learning and so much potential. However, their growth is limited by financial barriers. The Shoulders of Giants is working to bridge this gap and provide all students with a resource rich with STEM materials and mentors to guide them through it. The educational field is filled with price tags, from standardized test fees to tutoring to educational resources. It's time for change, and we at TSoG are changemakers."

—  Eyad Alrabbat


David C. Dooley


"Empowering others to meet and exceed their goals at whatever stage of life they are in. To be the best father, friend, employee, mentor, and volunteer that I can be to help facilitate that mission. TSoG fits beautifully into this simplistic mission, as it empowers many people and students to experience scientific discovery in a way that simply wasn’t available in the past. This allows those interested in learning, teaching, building the community, or just helping to interact via current tools can break down geographic, socioeconomic and demographic barriers of the past. We are creating a STEM environment unlike any other, and I’m proud to be a part of this growth."

—  David Dooley

"TSoG is a unique non-profit organization with a mission to democratize quality science and engineering educational content. The shortage of STEM skilled resources in today's workforce is a significant problem which needs to be addressed by making radical changes in our educational methods. I believe it is very important to get kids exposed to science and engineering education early on and make them aware of the tremendous impact they can have by choosing it as a career. I am confident that TSoG enables and equips students to achieve great things that make the world a better place."

—  Prem Gangalakunta


Ranjan Misra


"Measure success by the impact made on the lives of others. Make a difference in this world.' This is the Misra family mantra by which we live. Combined with TSoG sharing the thrill of scientific discovery and strengthening communities by enhancing learning, and you have perfect alignment. Reaching large audiences of all ages, crossing geographic & demographic boundaries, and the global impact is huge by reaching anyone, anywhere, anytime, and with a common purpose. I want to help TSoG provide this STEM knowledge and experience, especially to those that cannot receive this readily or affordably."

—  Ranjan Misra


Ian Reynolds


"It's exciting to contribute to an organization that is creating avenues to learning opportunities for the community.

A continued appreciation and promotion of math and the sciences will be a catalyst in strengthening and sustaining a healthy, productive workforce that will in turn enhance our economy and its constituents.

I support TSoG and its innovative approaches to offering 'hands on' learning experiences for all generations and demographics."

—  Ian Reynolds


Hauke Schupp


"I believe in the power of 'Why?'!

Asking this simple question drives us to understand the reasons behind any outcome. It teaches us how to solve problems and improve outcomes. STEM knowledge has improved my curiosity and problem solving skills to understand the 'Why' behind any problem I have encountered in life and business.

I believe that my passion for understanding 'Why' and TSoG's mission and vision align very well. I am excited to be a part of the TSoG Board of Directors and look forward to grow TSoG's ability to share the thrill of scientific discovery with a global audience and to develop a firm foundation in mathematics, science, and engineering in future leaders."

—  Hauke Schupp

"All that I have I owe to my parents, teachers, friends, and family members who always encouraged my pursuit of engineering. I wish only that TSoG be there for all those that don’t have anyone to encourage them to pursue a rewarding career in STEM fields. To be a constant ever present border-less resource for all those searching and wondering what they should be when they grow up and Imparting those who engage with TSoG an endless desire to learn which will provide a steady stream of challenges that feeds you for a lifetime."

—  Brett Skyllingstad

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