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Sponsored Project: Soft Robotics

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|Project=The Tentacular Bubble Bots
|Project=Soft Robotics
|Technical Mentor=User:VineetAziz
|Technical Mentor=User:VineetAziz
|Sponsoring Patron=User:Premg
|Sponsoring Patron=User:Premg

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This is a Sponsored Project object that is used internally to enable sponsorship settings for the project Soft Robotics. You cannot edit this page directly unless you are an administrator.

Basic Information

Technical Mentor: Vineet Aziz

Sponsoring Patron: Prem Gangalakunta

Students: Charles Bruce, Adith Gangalakunta, Avaniko Asokkumar, Kaiba Murphy, Rohan Kumar and Akshath Taduri

Additional Collaborators:


Ambassador Partner:

Industry Partner:

Small Business Partner:

Status: Active

Budget: $0

Costs to Date: $0