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From The Shoulders of Giants
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Since 2013, The Shoulders of Giants (TSoG) has served as a leader in science, engineering, and mathematics mentorship for students of all ages. Now, we have made our resources available for free for anyone, anywhere in the world! Join our community, browse our growing library of hands-on science and engineering content, and complete challenges that will help build your portfolio!

Who can benefit from this community? -- Students of all ages, educators, technical professionals, and adult learners looking to connect with other like-minded individuals with a passion for learning.

Whatever your educational goals are, The Shoulders of Giants is here to help you grow personally and professionally. If you are new to this site, we recommend that you start by submitting an application for an account (must be 13 years of age or older). This will give you access to our supportive Discord community that can help you get started on your personal journey.

The best way to reach our goals is to work together. Whether you are looking for project collaborators, seeking guidance, or just looking for accountability partners to keep you on track, joining our Discord server is a great place to start.

Get Empowered

TSoG has a rich and growing library of content ranging from hands-on science and engineering projects, to the mathematics and theory you need to make the most of them. You’ll find full courses and standalone lessons under the “Learn” tab above.

Be Inspired

Most scientists and engineers got their start when someone or something inspired them to pursue their field. Through interactive live-streaming video, you can collaborate with experts on real STEM projects, ask questions, and get inspired too!

Take Control!

The best way to learn is to do! Check out our active Challenges to help you get started exploring your fields of interest. Coming soon: Students between the ages of 13 and 18 can earn points, rewards, and volunteer hours by completing challenges!

This community and its resources are available for free thanks to the generosity of our sponsors:

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