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Content tagged as "Aristarchus" assumes no prior knowledge and is always family-friendly, but you can expect to find a little something for everyone in this category. Elementary-aged students may require adult supervision, while older students can enjoy taking more of a deep-dive into some fundamental science and engineering concepts.

Content tagged as "Copernicus" assumes a foundation in mathematics up to basic algebra and a reasonable grasp on logic. This is a great place for middle-school students or those just getting started on their STEM journey. Expect a lot of hands-on activities in this category as well content focused on building foundations in mathematics and computer programming.

Content tagged as "Kepler" focuses on providing students of all ages with exposure to a wide variety of science and engineering skills. Content in this category generally assumes, at minimum, a high school level of mathematics and critical thinking proficiency; students of all ages exploring content in this category can expect a bit of a challenge.

Content tagged as "Newton" provides exposure to the most advanced level of real-world skills applied to their respective science, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. Content in this category is targeted at a university-level audience, although younger students who have had exposure to a particular field at the lower levels are welcome here as well.

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