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DC Mini Motor

Design a mini DC motor from scratch!

A Kepler-level Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Physics - Electromagnetics project led by Grace Zhang in collaboration with Dr. Foland.

Student Team:

Sponsoring Patron:

Begins: September 1, 2020

Project Summary: If you've ever made a mini-motor in physics class from a magnet, a battery, and a few wires, you'll know that it's not the greatest. In this project, we will be making our own version of a hand-wound motor - but one that is self-starting and capable of generating a meaningful, useable amount of power! The team will be designing a brushed DC motor from the ground up with 3D-printed and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) parts.

Project Repository:


  • Create an affordable, model of a motor that students can assemble by hand in a classroom teaching setting and during outreach initiatives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • Teach student team members about concepts in electrical engineering and physics
  • Learn about 3D modeling and product development
  • Learn about project management methodologies (Agile, Lean, Scrum, and Waterfall) and utilize TSoG’s project Gantt chart system
  • Contribute valuable teaching models that will introduce students (as early as Kindergarten) to electrical engineering and basic physics

Project Timeline

{"Project": "DC Mini Motor", "Members": "User:Umdiddle, User:Drfoland", "User": "", "Tasks": [],"Task_Categories": [{"Title": "DC Mini Motor/Electrical Characterization", "Task_Status": "Empty", "Task_Category": "", "Percent_Complete": 100, "Start_Date": "", "End_Date": "", "Short_Description": "Determining the specifications of the electrical components", "Task_Leader": "", "Members": "", "Category": "top-level"},{"Title": "DC Mini Motor/Fabrication", "Task_Status": "Empty", "Task_Category": "", "Percent_Complete": 100, "Start_Date": "", "End_Date": "", "Short_Description": "", "Task_Leader": "", "Members": "", "Category": "top-level"},{"Title": "DC Mini Motor/Mechanical Design", "Task_Status": "Empty", "Task_Category": "", "Percent_Complete": 100, "Start_Date": "", "End_Date": "", "Short_Description": "Designing the motor and motor holding", "Task_Leader": "", "Members": "", "Category": "top-level"},{"Title": "DC Mini Motor/Preliminary Research", "Task_Status": "Empty", "Task_Category": "", "Percent_Complete": 100, "Start_Date": "", "End_Date": "", "Short_Description": "Learn about basic physics and how they apply to motors", "Task_Leader": "", "Members": "", "Category": "top-level"},{"Title": "DC Mini Motor/Testing", "Task_Status": "Empty", "Task_Category": "", "Percent_Complete": 100, "Start_Date": "", "End_Date": "", "Short_Description": "", "Task_Leader": "", "Members": "", "Category": "top-level"}] }

Project Posts

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