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Hydraulic Backhoe

The goal of this project is to design and build a hydraulic drive system for earth-moving application

A Copernicus-level Mechanical Engineering project led by Bryan Atanga.

Student Team:

Sponsoring Patron:

Completed: June 29, 2020 - July 24, 2020

Project Summary: The aim of this project is to provide an introduction into engineering design and the phases involved product development. The students will gain an understanding of the engineering principles that drive the operation of a hydraulic drive system. This project involves building and testing of the equipment to ensure functionality. The primary application for this hydraulic drive system is to move earth from one location to another with the help of energy transfer from pressure differences.

Project Repository:


Conceptual Phase: Collecting customer requirements and channeling them into the design; Conceptual designs are created

Embodiment Phase: Product architecture, Physical decomposition, functional decomposition, material selection, manufacturing selection

Detailed Design Phase: Cost Analysis, Safety Analysis, CAD

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