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Develop an affordable, portable 3D-printed device that can sterilize face masks or face shields using UV light and learn about the wonderful world of microbes!

A Kepler-level Biomedical Engineering / Medical Biology / Biology project led by Vivian Nguyen.

Student Team:

Sponsoring Patron:

Begins: July 13, 2020

Project Summary: COVID-19 has shortened our world’s supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). We are in need of face masks and face shields to prevent transmission of this virus. However, face masks and face shields are a reservoir for potential pathogens and can lead to the spread of COVID-19. With the limited supply, it’s important for us to discover ways to reuse our existing PPE. UV sterilization is a commonly used method to sterilize medical equipment. Face masks used by the public and face shields used by healthcare workers have the potential to be disinfected using this method. In this project, our goal is the develop an affordable, 3D-printed model of a device that will use UV light to sanitize face masks and allow the public to reuse these masks in a safe manner. Additionally, we can incorporate this same technology to create a model that will lay the framework for an effective UV sterilization device in a clinical setting.

Project Repository:


  • Create an affordable, 3D-printed model of a device that will use UV light to sanitize face masks and face shields
  • Teach students about concepts in biomedical engineering and microbiology
  • Learn about 3D modeling and product development
  • Learn about virology, DNA damage and repair, electromagnetic spectrum, and other microbiology concepts
  • Spark virtual collaboration between students across the world
  • Lay the framework for potential sterilization devices in the clinical setting and the public
  • Contribute valuable models that will introduce solutions to problems brought by COVID-19

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