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The objective of this project is to design and create a web app to ease the process of connecting the public to food pantries

A Kepler-level Web Development project led by Nurudeen Agbonoga in collaboration with Jason Lai.

Student Team: Adith Gangalakunta, Emily Simkovich, Saurav Rout and Joanna Jia

Sponsoring Patron:

Began: June 29, 2020

Project Summary: Food banks and food pantries have been essential to helping people in need, and In the wake of COVID-19 it is no surprise more people need access to the services these institutions provide. COVID-19 has brought about many complications with acquiring and distributing food, such as disruptions in supply chains, reduced staff due to health concerns and many more.

With this app we hope to make it easier for the public to have access to food pantries and to allow low-contact distribution through scheduling

Project Repository:


  • Conceptual design phase
    • Site map: A graph that presents the list of pages to be included in the app and the links between pages
    • Wire Frame: A detailed view of the content that will appear on the page
  • Development phase
    • Code and relevant files
  • Deployment phase
    • A liveweb app that can be used by anybody

Project Timeline

{"Project": "Prolific", "Members": "User:Nurudeen, User:Adithg, User:Serife, User:MrLai, User:Srout, User:JOJO-JIA", "User": "", "Tasks": [{"Title": "Prolific/Site map creation", "Task_Status": "In Progress", "Priority": "High", "Task_Category": "", "Percent_Complete": 0, "Dependencies": "", "Start_Date": "2020-09-19", "End_Date": "2020-09-26", "Task_Leader": "", "Members": "", "Short_Description": "Creation of the site map for the web app", "Category": "task"}],"Task Categories": [] }

App Features Overview

  • Account creation: The general public will have the ability to have an account where they can browse pantries and schedule pickups. Pantries will be able to create an account where they can list items the have available
  • Item listings for food pantries: Pantries can list items, quantities and availability so users can browse and schedule pickups.
  • Integrated Google calendar and Scheduling: entries to the users google calendar will be created if a user chooses to

App Features in detail

  • Users can create accounts and log in as general users or food pantries
  • Users can customize profile to add bios, links and profile pictures
  • General users can ‘bookmark’ their favorite food pantries to have easy access to the food pantry’s page
  • Pantries can list items they have available on their page
  • General users can schedule pickups from the food pantries page
  • Scheduled pickups can be added to a linked google calendar
  • Time zones are automatically updated for each user

Project Posts

No posts yet.