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Soft Robotics

Soft robots are flexible bio-inspired technologies which are strong, gentle, and squishy. We'll learn about some existing projects, then build one of our own!

A Kepler-level Material Science / Robotics and Automation / Engineering - Other project led by Vineet Aziz.

Student Team: Charles Bruce, Adith Gangalakunta, Avaniko Asokkumar, Kaiba Murphy, Rohan Kumar and Akshath Taduri

Sponsoring Patron: Prem Gangalakunta

Began: July 6, 2020

Project Summary: In real life, Iron Man’s suit could help people walk, run, and carry weight. But what if it was also as comfortable as workout pants? This could soon be a reality, thanks to soft robotics. Soft robots are flexible new technologies inspired by nature. With soft robots, we can revisit classic engineering designs to make them more efficient, lightweight, and "organic," while also developing tons of brand new designs. For this project, we'll start by building an intro-level soft robot before we start outperforming Tony Stark!

Project Repository:


  • Learn to research!
    • Become familiar with past and ongoing projects in soft robotics
    • What are the strengths and limitations of the field?
    • Brainstorm exciting new applications for the future
    • Select an existing project to build, or design your own!
  • Real-world experience!
    • Successfully fabricate a functional soft robot
    • Strive to meet all project requirements - including time & cost limitations!
  • Improve your skills!
    • Material science
    • Project management
    • Good documentation practices
    • Collaborating in a team
    • Critical analysis

Final Product: A functional soft robot prototype built by the students. The students may design an original robot themselves, or take inspiration from a previously existing project. If the students choose the latter, the design should be elaborated on significantly by the students. The specific requirements and functionalities of the robot will be determined by the team. Major project requirements may include time, cost, weight, speed, strength, etc.

Project Timeline

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The Soft Robotics Toolkit

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