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About this Category

Videos tagged as "All Ages" assume no prior knowledge and are always family-friendly, but you can expect to find a little something for everyone in this category. Elementary-aged students may require adult supervision, while older students can enjoy taking more of a deep-dive into some fundamental science and engineering concepts.

Historical Significance

Because this category is not part of our formal program progression (and because the name "Aristarchus" does not roll off the tongues of our younger viewers), we typically refer to videos in this category as "All Ages" rather than "Aristarchus". However, the significance of Aristarchus within the history of our understanding of the solar system should not be overlooked!

Aristarchus of Samos was an ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician who presented the first known heliocentric model of the universe, placing the Sun at its center with the Earth revolving around it. Aristarchus correctly placed the known planets at the time in the correct order of distance from the sun, and even suspected that the stars were just other bodies like the Sun that were further away. Although the works of Aristarchus were lost for many centuries, they were later re-discovered during the Renaissance; Nicolaus Copernicus attributed his heliocentric theory to Aristarchus.

All Ages Episodes: