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Project: TSoG MaskeradeActive

TSoG Maskerade

A project to dig into DIY mask design, material science, biomedical engineering (mask are considered a biomedical device, after all), and good craftmanship. All you need is a sewing machine/needle and thread.

A Kepler-level Biomedical Engineering project led by Mrs. Foland in collaboration with Rachel Marsh and Genia Bowyer.

Began: July 28, 2020

Project Summary: The goal of this project it refine the DIY mask designs commonly found on social media and YouTube (e.g. [1])

Project Repository:


Coming Soon - Under Development

Project Timeline

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Project Posts

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  1. EasyToSew, How To Make Face Mask w/ Filter Pocket & Adjustable Wire - Sewing Tutorial/Face Mask DIY,, Mar. 1, 2020. Accessed on: July 28, 2020. [Online]. Available: