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Community Member: Dr. Foland


Steven J. Foland


"My go-to icebreaker question when I meet other scientists or engineers is simple: ‘What inspired you to pursue your field?’ Their answers, nearly invariably, have one element in common: a parent, grandparent, or someone else close to them worked in a related field. It’s no wonder – the people close to us inspire us, support us, and provide us with access to resources that will help us in our pursuits. But what is supposed to happen to all those bright students out there who lack that personal connection? It is my mission to do whatever I can to provide that same kind of inspiration, support, and access for any student who wishes to seek it out."

—  Dr. Foland


Steven J. Foland (PhD Electrical Engineering) is the founder and president of The Shoulders of Giants, an experienced optical / electrical / mechanical engineer, and former faculty member and director of the Biomedical Engineering undergraduate program at The University of Texas at Dallas. Since 2012, he has made it his personal mission to demystify, destigmatize, and democratize education in STEM. After leading the Biomedical Engineering program at UT Dallas to accreditation (including completing two crucial ABET audits), Dr. Foland stepped down to focus on his work with The Shoulders of Giants. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to develop cutting-edge technological solutions for the classroom and home-learning environments. In many ways, and our online mentorship program represent the confluence of the many varied branches of Dr. Foland's career.