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From The Shoulders of Giants
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Community Member: Mrs. Foland


Lauren Foland

Senior Director

"In my early experiences, there were few but precious moments where I had a sudden realization that I really could do something amazing. It always started with someone saying 'you've got this' or 'give it a shot.' From becoming a crane operator in the Navy to that moment in college where I mistakenly signed up for the more advanced Calculus class (for engineers), there happened to be a friend close by who listened to my moans of frustration and had the courage to say 'Lauren, you’ve got this.' TSoG is a place where these kind of cheerleaders are in abundance, and I believe in my heart that this kind of encouragement and empowerment will not just make the world a better place, but give any person within earshot a feeling that they can really do anything if they try."

—  Mrs. Foland