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Volunteer Opportunity: Live Chat Agent - Science Fair Project Season

From The Shoulders of Giants
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Published on: November 3, 2020

Live Chat Agent - Science Fair Project Season About Us

The Shoulders of Giants (TSoG) is an educational non-profit which has been revolutionizing STEM mentorship since 2013. Using his experience as an engineer and university-level educator, TSoG President Dr. Foland is leading the future of education by making everything available online, for free! Since 2018, TSoG has also been live-streaming lectures and projects on YouTube and Twitch for students around the world. TSoG has now grown into a collaborative international community, with a vast library of hands-on projects to create and cultivate any engineering portfolio.

Who's in the community? -- Students (13+), hobbyists, adult learners, educators, PhD professionals; anyone with a passion for learning!

Within a few years of completing our TSoG program, students can expect to achieve the following Program Educational Objectives, which are valuable even for non-STEM fields:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Technical Confidence
  • Career Satisfaction
  • Sense of Service

Volunteer Opportunity Description

Since Spring 2020, we have deployed an open live chat feature on our website that integrates with our Discord server. Recently, younger students (particularly those under 13 years of age) have begun chat sessions with us to ask questions related to various science/engineering project endeavors - some related to science fair work. We are looking for a small team of volunteers who manage a shift schedule to be on call to answer questions and help these students get the guidance and encouragement they need with their projects. We look to build a diverse group of people who have the following skills/traits:

  1. Have expertise in ANY math, science, or engineering field
  2. Have some 1:1 tutoring/teaching experience
  3. Understand the scientific method and engineering methods as they relate to science/engineering fairs
  4. Are available 4-8 hours per week to monitor TSoG's online chat channels and respond to student inquiries
  5. Have solid networking and communication skills and easily get to know members of the community who possess various levels of subject matter expertise
  6. (For younger applicants) Have competed in a science fair recently and placed well

Additional Information The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. is a nonprofit organization registered under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) (public charity). As such, all donations made to the organization are tax-deductible. Additionally, The Shoulders of Giants is committed to transparency in all of our operations and maintains a Gold / Platinum Rating on Guidestar. Financial records, including forms 990 filed for all previous fiscal years, are publicly accessed through that profile:

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