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Volunteer Opportunity: Technical Mentor - Civil / Environmental Engineer

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Published on: January 28, 2021

Technical Mentor - Civil / Environtmental Engineering Focus TSoG is seeking a Civil or Environmental Engineer to join our Technical Mentor (TM) Team. This volunteer, specifically, will team up with Aryana Davin - a Chemical Engineer - to guide teams of high school students to learn about water treatment systems with the purpose to educate younger students about the science behind water quality and filtration and how we address them with environmental engineering solutions. The TM project volunteer phases are:

  • February - August - weekly 20-minute tag-up meetings and TM group meetings (1/hour)
  • September - Team Formation / Conceptual Design Stage - TM's provide pre-recorded lecture sessions to release on a YouTube schedule for registered student teams to access
  • October - Preliminary Design Stage - Budgetary resources open to approved student team designs to begin a prototyping process
  • November - Critical Design Phase - Approved team designs are developed further and presented to the sponsors in a final presentation to close out the project
   This volunteer opportunity role is in support of TSoG 2021 Project Season but approved TM volunteers may contribute beyond project completion to support TSoG's mission in other ways.

Technical Mentor - General Description

Our volunteer model supports established student teams to work under the guidance of technical mentors in a variety of fields. We provide funding resources and administrative support so our volunteer team is enabled to have maximum impact on future scientists and engineers. We are looking for volunteers who:

  1. Have expertise in a specific STEM field
  2. Have interest or experience with project management methods (eg Agile, Lean, Scrum, Waterfall)
  3. Are available 2-4 hours per week by chat, to keep student projects on schedule
  4. Can manage team budgets (eg. Bill of Materials)
  5. Can submit requests for student supplies
  6. Can work with the project sponsors (a corporate partner who provides funds for the project), and board of director representatives
  7. Is familiar with leading virtual work sessions and has adequate AV equipment (headset/mic/camera) to hold scheduled virtual discussions and meetings with students

For more information please schedule a Zoom meeting with Lauren Foland - Senior Director

"Water Treatment Design" Project Description:

   The water treatment process has many steps and one of the oldest used is filtration. This project seeks to educate students about the water treatment process, specifically filtration, and the engineering design process. Students will seek to understand which filtration material ratio provides the best water quality, filtration rate, and cost. Students will also propose improvements to the filtration design and determine if their hypothesis was correct.
       Industry Partner
   This project is expected to be fully funded and sponsors will be finalized by April 2021.
       About TSoG
   The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. is a nonprofit organization registered under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) (public charity). As such, all donations made to the organization are tax-deductible. Additionally, The Shoulders of Giants is committed to transparency in all of our operations and maintains a Gold / Platinum Rating on Guidestar. Financial records, including forms 990 filed for all previous fiscal years, are publicly accessed through that profile.

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